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Alexandre Fraga

Alex Fraga is the very definition of the American success story, continually setting the standards of excellence while expand his interests in real estate, hospitality, financial and architecture. He is an area “Power Businessman” in every sense. With a wealth of experience in finance, contracts and negotiation, as well as real estate, Fraga skillfully structures deals designed to put clients in their dream homes, investment properties, providing expert guidance and utilizing an abundance of professional resources.

Fraga has built his impressive professional reputation through a commitment to personalized client service that consistently exceeds expectations. A master at building lasting relationships by gaining the trust of buyers and sellers through smooth closings, his dedication to his clients and supporters can best be defined by his “full-service real estate” approach, dedicated to each of his clients; he is always available to assist them around the clock.

Fraga International Realty specializes in vacation homes, luxury single family homes and investment properties throughout South Florida. Fraga has proven an invaluable agent and leader in the South Florida Real Estate market and is proudly continuing that tradition with each new client.


Real estate is less volatile and has historically outperformed the S&P 500.

Cash Flow

Tenants pay monthly rent which covers all expenses and provides profit to the owners.


Tenants pay down the debt which increases your equity, creating long-term wealth.

Tax Benefits

Depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more profits in your pocket.


You can leverage real estate, allowing for the purchase of $100M with only $25M.


Real estate appreciates in value.



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